We are looking for a determined employee who is willing to take on the junior welder and pipe fitter role. Such role requires that you will be an all-rounder Welder, whom is able to perform welding related task mainly to the company storage tanks.

This includes that you shall:

  • determine the appropriate welding equipment and methods based on requirements
  • have a good understanding of different metals, their properties and the adequate applicable welding material and methods
  • identify pipes, valves flanges and fittings in terms of material and thickness
  • be able to carry out pipe fitting jobs on small and bigger pipe sizes
  • operate grinding and other required tools as necessary.
  • Be able to install flow measurement equipment, valves, regulators, pumps etc on our systems
  • Carry out repair works on regulating equipment, rigging and testing +adjusting etc

The ideal candidate should hold a Welding and Fabrication Advanced Diploma, coupled with at least 2 years’ experience using, variety of welding equipment, manual and electrical tools. S/he should have also the ability to read and interpret technical documents and drawings.