Main responsibilities:

  • Distinguish and harvest all fruits according to size, shape, and color
  • Pick each fruit in a careful manner
  • Isolate fruits that are damaged
  • Ensure that unripe fruits are not picked
  • Clean or wash fruit in accordance with specified standards
  • Use hand tools, ladders, and other equipment and complete assigned tasks efficiently
  • Snip stems and separate unwanted substances from fruits
  • Weigh, place, and arrange fruits into containers, carefully and properly
  • Pack and load filled fruit-containers onto trucks for transportation
  • Remove damaged and defective fruits and clean work site, as required
  • Provide feedback to farm managers regarding problems such as infestations


Physical dexterity is a given in this work. As a fruit picker, you will be bending and stooping a lot.

Moreover, working as a fruit picker means that you must have an eye for good fruit so that you can pick it out from bad produce.