Reports to: Head Chef

General Responsibilities:

The employee is expected to hold a Food Handlers License as per Government Legislation, as well as
a basic food preparation certificate. This person will be responsible for food preparation (mis en
plaice), as well as cooking and plating food during service as per menus and food preparation
methods of the Restaurant.


Daily Operation

• Perform daily food preparation duties (mis en plaice) as requested by the Head Chef.
• Stock up kitchen as needed in preparation for service.
• Be fully aware of all menu items, their recipes, methods of cooking and presentation
• Have good knowledge of all standard procedures and policies pertaining to food
preparation, receiving, storage and sanitation.
• Perform daily orders from stores to kitchen and carry out the required stock rotation.
• Prepare hot and cold dishes as per menu.
• Prepare any other food to order as requested by the guests due to eating habits or dietary
• Seek own solutions to minor obstacles that may arise from time to time, and keep the Head
Chef informed.
• Is effective in cost control for all items in stock.
• Ability to produce own work in accordance with deadlines, and to assist and encourage
junior members in achieving this aim.
• Ensure full cooperation and communication with all other members of the Kitchen Team, as
well as the Service team.
• Ensures strong communication with the Head chef.
• Performs any cleaning jobs as required to ensure that the Kitchen and all kitchen equipment
are kept clean and safe.

Appearance, Human Resources, and Training

• Maintains high standards of personal hygiene, appearance and conduct.
• Follows the restaurant Uniform Policy.
• Maintains effective communication with all his/her colleagues.
• Attends all training as required.
• Develops effective relations with all colleagues.
• Has thorough knowledge of all Company Policies and Procedures and follows them

Safety and Security

• Is knowledgeable of fire, emergency and evacuation procedures within the Restaurant.
• Ensures that his/her actions do not create any hazards for him/herself, colleagues and
guests alike.
• Is fully aware of all food allergens present in the restaurant menu.
• Adheres to all existing health and safety laws and regulations.
• Takes corrective and preventive action to prevent any foreseeable accidents.
• Demonstrates proper and safe usage of all kitchen equipment.
• When using chemicals and cleaning materials, he/she does so in accordance with the
instructions provided.
• Reports any unsafe or faulty equipment to the Head Chef.
• Ensures that junior members of the team are aware of Health and Safety and Fire
regulations, and that they are abiding by them.
• Takes proper care of all Company Property