Introduction :

From Nepal to abroad is an interesting topic , so firstly lets explore about Nepal . Nepal is officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal ,which is a landlocked country in South Asia . Nepal is majorly situated in the Himalayas and it includes certain minor parts of Indo- Gangetic Plain . It is bordering Tibet of China to the North, and India in the south , east and west . It is narrowly separating from Bangladesh by the Siliguri corridor , and from Bhutan by the Indian state of Sikkim

Richness of Nepal:

Nepal has a diverse geography inclusive of fertile plains along with subalpine forested hills . Eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains. That includes Mount Everest, which is the highest point on Earth. Nepal is a not only multi – ethnic , multi – lingual , multi- religious and multicultural state also, having Nepali as the official Language . Kathmandu is the nation’s capital and the largest city.  Nepal is of  trapezoidal shape .

Demographical Division :

Nepal is divided into three principal physiographic belts , firstly Himal- secondaly Pahad- lastly Tarai. Himal is the mountain region which generally contains snow . It is situated in the Great Himalayan Range; thus making up the northern part of Nepal . It contains the highest elevations in the world including Mount Everest on the border with China. Seven others of the world’s “eight-thousanders” are in Nepal or on the border with Tibet , They are : Lhotse , Makalu , Cho Oyu , Kangchenjunga , Dhaulagiri , Annapurna and Manaslu .


Pahad is the Mountain region that does not generally contain snow. The mountains vary in altitude, having progression from subtropical climate below to alpine climates . The lower Himalayan Range , is the southern limit of this region , the subtropical river valleys and “ hills “ alternating to the north of this range . Population density is high in Valleys where snow occasionally falls in winters . The southern lowland plains or Terai bordering India are part of the northern rim of the Indo-Gangetic plain . Terai is the Lowland Region containing certain hill ranges.

The plains are formed and fed by three major Himalayan rivers : the Koshi , The Narayani and the Karnali. As well as smaller rivers rising below the permanent snowline. The region has a subtropical to tropical climate . The outermost range of the foothills called Shivalik Hills or Churia Range generally marks the limits of Gangetic plain. The lower valleys are inner Terai Valleys.

Nepal contains a disproportionately large diversity of both plants and animals, in relation to its size . Nepal , forms the western portion of the eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot, along with notable biocultural diversity .

Why Nepal to Abroad ?

The rate of unemployment and underemployment exceeds half of the working-age population, Thus forcing millions to seek employment from Nepal to abroad , mainly in India , the Gulf , and East Asia. Mostly unskilled, uneducated and indebted to loan sharks . The workers are scammed from the manpower companies and sent to exploitative employers or war-ridden countries under fraudulent contracts. After all this many students working professionals seek employment in international countries

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