As the name suggests, a career is an occupation or profession which a person prepares from his/her childhood depending upon what he/she dreams of . Every person has certain ambitions in life which he builds brick by brick . Career is like a pathway in which an individual covers a long way to establish himself and attain certain recognition in that particular profession .


Choice of career is not an easy task for any individual . It is affected and impacted by various factors such as :-

  1. Objective Factors – Some individuals’ decisions depend on the objective one has in life . Those objectives can be  Salary , location , career growth etc . which can make an impact on one’s career choice .
  2. Subjective Factors – Some individuals’ decisions can be dominated by social and psychological pressure . Society plays a major role in driving one’s decision . Hence status of the job , reputation of the organization also has a great impact on individuals decision .
  3. Critical Contact Factor – Candidates observation while interacting with the organization plays an important role in an individual’s decision . This theory is more valid for experienced professionals .

These theories might make an assumption that a candidate has a free will towards choosing his career . Whereas in reality scarcity of jobs , strong competition for desired jobs greatly hampers the decision making of an individual . 


Changing occupation is an important aspect of career change . Change in occupation is commonly expected in an individuals lifetime .

There can be various reasons for an individual’s decision for the change which can be 

  1. Restructuring of the organization .
  2. New challenges or opportunities .
  3. Poor or ineffective leadership.
  4. Poor relationship with the manager .
  5. Improvement of work/life balance .
  6. Non recognition of contribution .
  7. Better compensations and benefits .
  8. Financial instability of the organization .
  9. An organization’s relocation .


An individual is happy with the profession he has opted for . A career which is able to make him achieve his personal as well as professional desires along with achievements . An individual’s work is typically recognized through the achievements , promotions , increase in salary as well as status . Success is also one of the important aspects in an individual’s life . It gives the motivation to grow in life as well as in career . 


There are different educational , counseling as well as human resource management that supports in opting for a career and its growth . Support is generally provided at the time of opting for career , changing of career , during the time of unemployment and during transition to retirement . Support may be provided by professionals , career professionals and non- professionals such as family , friends or relatives .

There is one out of three people that spends about an hour per day searching for a new jobs , other positions change . In order to fulfill these kinds of requirements we RecruitGiant bridges that gap between the employer and the employee . 

In Recruitgiant we generally help candidates to apply for jobs and also assist them with their interview and further migration process so that they can safely reach the correct place .

RecruitGiant LTD prides itself on being independent and bringing together both clients and candidates who share the same proactive approach towards business. The focus of the company is opening new opportunities for candidates searching for new jobs , seeking change , looking for growth . Selecting suitable candidates for the placement of permanent, part-time or contract staff on behalf of its clients is the major responsibility of RecruitGiant .

To have a better career options many people have migrated to malta and it has managed to fulfill the dreams of every individual and provide them with better future and uplift there standard of living