Why recruitGiant is the best Recruitment agency . Lets know about What is recruitment , and its process :

Recruitment basically refers to the overall process of identifying , sourcing , screening , shortlisting and interviewing candidates for jobs . Jobs can either be permanent or temporary , depending on the requirement of the companies or the recruiters . 

Recruitment programmes allow both outsiders and employees to refer candidates for filling various job openings .

Process of Recruitment By Best Recruitment Agency :-

Recruitment involves major 4 steps which are :-

  1. Sourcing : Sourcing is a process of recruitment . Whether it should be in house or from outside .

 In house Recruitment refers to the process of filling up the vacancy by the candidates . Which are present within the organization , that means the job vacancy is not for outsiders . candidates apply for the vacancy within the organization only . Goes through the process of interview with the management and the senior managers . On the basis of various criteria’s such as , past performance , behavior and the interview given . Candidates are shortlisted for the vacancy . 

Outside recruitment refers to the process in which vacancy is created . It is available for the outsiders to apply. On the basis of the requirement of job which is offered .

  1. Screening : Once the vacancy is available and advertised through various modes . Such as Newspapers , Websites , Social Media and in many other ways. The candidates who are eligible and willing to apply for the offered job . Send their resumes . Educational Qualifications and years of experience is the basis for there selection .
  1. Interviewing : Shortlisted candidates filling the maximum criteria are then called upon . On a particular date , time and desired venue .
  1. Decision Making : The last process of recruitment is to decide upon which candidate is capable enough to fulfill the job.  

What makes RecruitGiant the best Recruitment agency :-

 RecruitGiant is a Malta based best recruitment agency which bridges the gap between the recruiter and jobseekers . As there are many jobs available in Malta . But the problem lies how one would come to know that there are jobs available in Malta . RecruitGiant bridges the gap and let the candidates know about the kinds of jobs available in Malta . Helps in getting them placed .

Where there is a requirement of a job there will be a requirement of candidates. It’s just like demand and supply as there is demand for great candidates and there is requirement of good jobs too , so here comes the actual work of RecruitGiant which basically bridges the gap between that demand and supply .

Types of Jobs Available :

The kind of jobs which is available are caretaker, warehouse Operator, Forklift operator , Waiter , Vehicle Operator, Truck Driver , Spray preparator , Shop Assistant , Production- process head , Panel Beater , Office cleaner , Night Receptionist , Cleaner/laborer , Kitchen porter , Juice Barista , Juice Bar Cashier , Housekeeping room Attendant , Housekeeper , Hotel Receptionist , Handyperson , Gypsum Worker , Food and Beverage server , Fast food chain crew , Dishwasher , Construction Worker , Chef de partie , Chef assistant , Production Worker , Car park service attendant , Fruit picker , Tile layer , Nanny , cleaner , Sushi chef , Food delivery driver , Electrician , Plumber , above mentioned are the jobs which are available in Malta .

Why RecruitGiant ?

In Recruitgiant we generally help candidates to apply for these jobs and also assist them with their interview and further migration process so that they can safely reach the correct place .

RecruitGiant LTD prides itself on being independent and bringing together both clients and candidates who share the same proactive approach to business. The focus of the company is attracting, shortlisting, appointing and selecting suitable candidates for the placement of permanent, part-time or contract staff on behalf of its clients.

Best Recruitment Agency :

 Now there would be many companies who must be working similarly as us but why should one trust us and take services from us? We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that have the potential to change your future, aiming to ensure that our user-friendly and personalized services make finding the right job or candidate a better and simpler experience .  companies that we’ve brought together since the company’s start. Work with us!.We are an approachable, reliable team devoted to providing the best job opportunities in Europe.

Document handling is not the only service . Visa and work permit and application preparation . We are not only helping the employees find a dream job but also employers to hire the best employees.

Every day, we strive to live up to our own expectations. Our success is a result of the commitment and passion we put into our work, and thanks to the jobseekers and companies that we’ve brought together since the company’s start. Work with us!

Testimony :

 To testify the beliefs that we have built we have Ansana thushara ranawaka A.K., from Sri Lanka . Who states that “ I started my experience in may, when Covid-19 was already in Europe , but that didn’t stop me . My dream was to work as a chef in Malta and it came true . Now I enjoy beautiful weather and a very professional work culture. Big thank you to RecruitGiant which is the best Recruitment agency . Specially the staff, they are patient and will do the best they can to help you”