Abroad jobs for Indians is a rich topic , lets know about India.

Officially the Republic of India , is a country in South Asia . It’s the seventh largest country by area .  India is the largest Democratic Country and is famous for its ancient history , varied landscape and diverse culture . The country is one of the most diverse cultures on the planet . It’s having various regions because of different languages and customs . India is second largest for population in country . Rightly said – Mark Twain, a celebrated American author :-

” India is the cradle of the human race . The birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great-grandmother of tradition.”

-Boundaries :

Indian Ocean in the south , Arabian sea on southwest and Bay of Bengal on the South-East has bounded India. It shares the land border with . Pakistan, China , Nepal , Bhutan , Bangladesh and Myanmar . In the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka and the Maldives is in the vicinity of India . It’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands which share a maritime border with Thailand , Myanmar and Indonesia.


India is becoming a fast-growing major economy along with a hub for information technology services , because of which there is an expand in middle class . Indian movies , music , and spiritual teachings for instance ,plays an increasing role in global culture . India is substantially reducing its rate of poverty , at the cost of increasing economic inequality . India is second largest in world population because of which Illiteracy and poverty is the major factor for unemployment .

-Education System:

India is the world’s second largest in education system . It’s having over 900 universities, 40000 colleges and 1.5 million schools and is also having higher education system . In recent decades India is improving its education system hence it is one of the main contributors to its economic development .

-Income and Industries :

Firstly India is an Agricultural Country thus its economy is mostly earned from agricultural Industry. Secondly Major agricultural products includes: rice , wheat , oilseed , cotton , jute , tea , sugarcane , and potatoes . Thirdly Major Industries include : textile , telecommunications , chemicals, pharmaceuticals , biotechnology , food processing , steel , transport equipment , cement , mining , petroleum , machinery , and software .

Import and Export :

India is into import as well as in Export business too . Major exports include : petroleum products , textile goods , Jewelery , software , engineering goods , chemicals , and manufactured leather goods. Where as Major imports include : Crude oil , machinery gems , fertilizers ,and chemicals . Because of which India is world’s second largest textile exporter after China in the 2013 calendar year .

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